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Regarding the LocalFixer. My name is Kjetil G. Johansen.

I finished my studies at Semmelweis university November 2007.I got to know the Localfixer in Budapest about four years ago. He is now one of my best friends.He asked me to write this reference-letter since he is about to start a business with the aim of helping everybody abroad in Budapest, Hungary.

What he can help you with? Well, the answer is easy: EVERYTHING!!!I am sure he will give you a list of the things he can do for you, but what is a much more important question is: Why choose him?

The answer could be a long one, but I will make it short:Localfixer is a sincere, honest, fullhearted man that will never disappoint you! It is just not in his blood to fail in any way, and he does his things with respect, care and excitement. I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I truly trust this man with my life.After living in Budapest for six years one knows there is a lot of papers, a lot of stamps…, all in all a lot of bureaucracy that one would kill not to have to deal with. You’ll have to deal with it, but with Localfixer’s help you can use so much less time, energy and anger. And this is just a small part of what he can do for you.

I have almost been crying of happiness many of the times he has helped me getting the most complicated thing run smoothly.

Give him a chance, he will not disappoint you!

And the best is you will save yourself for so much frustration you’ll end up bringing him home with you as a personal fixer!

Best of luck to all of you!

Sincerely yours.


Hi Localfixer!

Just woke up after 18 hours sleep!! I wonder why!!

Again thanks for making our 5th annual Norwegian Cup the BEST EVER no doubt all down to your very generous hospitality and great organisation. I must add the last night was fantastic fu ‘that’s what these trips are all about. Fuck the cup!


To whom it may concern!

Eight of us spent a week in Budapest October 2012, Localfixer arranged everything from our Golf, Ten Pin Bowling, Quad Biking, Paint Ball Shooting, River Cruises and Evening Entertainment.

We found Localfixer to be extremely efficient, with a great deal of knowledge, his friendly personality shown through. We would have no hesitation in recommending Localfixer to any one wishing to spend a break in the lovely city of Budapest.


Dear Localfixer!

Many thanks for a great weeken. I look forward to returning to Budapest in the future. I think the service that you and your team offers is fantastic and will always be willing to recommend Localfixer to other people.

Warm regards, to you and your team,


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